Dolphin Democrats Board of Directors

We hold our board meetings on the last Monday of every month. All Dolphin Democrats members are welcome to attend a board meeting.  General members who are not board members are merely observers at board meetings and must be recognized by the chair to speak.  Please e-mail [email protected] for information on the location and time of the next board meeting.

All board members are elected for two year terms. All four officers and six directors are elected in odd number years.  The remaining five directors are elected in even number years. Board elections are held at our February meetings.

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Officers and Directors


Chair: Adam Sabin  Members:  Tim Hart, Alfredo Olvera, Paul Rolli

Promptly after each annual meeting in February, the President shall appoint a Finance Committee, comprising of the Treasurer and at least four other members. It shall be the duty of the committee to prepare a budget for the fiscal year, beginning the first day of July, and to submit it to the Board in June for approval. The Finance Committee may from time to time submit amendments to the Board.


Chair: Nik Harris  Members: Paulette Armstead, Paul Rolli, Adam Sabin

The Bylaws and Rules Committee, co-chaired by the Parliamentarian, shall review all changes to the bylaws, special rules, and standing rules and shall report on any such changes to the Board and general membership as appear necessary and feasible from time to time. The committee shall review proposed amendments to the bylaws expeditiously and shall report its Recommendations at the next regularly scheduled Board meeting.  It shall also draft, review, and revise, as necessary, a code of conduct for both Board member and individual members of the organization, for approval by the general membership.


Chair: Brad Bonds  Members: Michael Albetta, Ed Leuchs,

The Campaign Committee shall work toward the election of all Democratic candidate nominees for the area covered by this organization, Including county, state, and national candidates; shall organize voter registration efforts; shall serve as the clearinghouse for candidatesrequests for volunteers; and shall mobilize the general membership and the LGBTA community to vote. The Campaign Committee shall report to the organization on the status of candidates and issues, recommending actions as appropriate. The Campaign Committee shall create a questionnaire (Approved by the board) for every elected position on the ballot in Broward County. The Campaign Committee shall send a letter to every registered Democrat who will be on the ballot in Broward County inviting them to Join the Dolphin Democrats, outlining the endorsement process in Article II Section 3, along with a questionnaire. This communication may be done electronically, or in writing by US Mail as soon as a candidate announces they are running for an elected position. If completed and returned, the questionnaire shall be posted on the Dolphin Democrats website prior to any endorsement vote or election in which the candidate appears on the ballot in Broward County.


Chair: Tim Hart  Members: Positions Available

The Audit Committee, comprising of at least three members, shall be appointed within ten days of the annual meeting.  The duty of the committee shall be to audit the Treasurers books, the annual financial report, quarterly reports, or any other financial reports required to be audited by the Board or general membership. The President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer shall be ineligible to serve on such committee, although they may be called upon to provide all information required by the committee to carry out its duties.


Chair: Alfredo Olvera Members: Jesse Monteagudo, Brad Bonds, Steve Hanley, John Murdock,

The Membership Committee shall recruit new members, notify members of renewals and arrearages, and confirm that all persons desiring membership are, registered Democrats and meet other requirements, appropriate to their category of membership. It shall verify the membership status of persons attending meetings for voting purposes. It shall recommend rules and procedures relating to membership requirements and dues, including the manner and form of initial application and renewals.


Chair: Alfredo Olvera  Co-Chair: Jesse Mongteagudo Members: Jonh Murdock, Brad Bonds, Steve Hanley

The Media and Public Relations Committee, co-chaired by the newsletter editor, shall ensure that all activities, including meetings, are advertised in an appropriate and timely manner. It shall be responsible for the editing, publication, and distribution of the newsletter.


Chair: Adam Sabin Members: Jesse Monteagudo

The Ways and Means Committee shall explore and recommend manners of fundraising and shall coordinate all such fundraising activities.


Chair: Tim Hart Members: Paul Rolli

The Program Committee shall plan the speaking program for each regular general membership meeting of the organization, as appropriate.


Chair: Paulette Armstead Co-Chair: Ed Leuchs Members: Eric Bisson, Paul Rolli, Dennis St. Jean, John Zurcher.

The Strategic Planning Committee, chaired by the Vice President, shall develop a strategic planning document for Board and general membership approval. Thereafter, it shall maintain, update, and revise the plan (as necessary), coordinate with other standing and special committees to ensure congruence with the strategic plan, and shall monitor achievements against plan benchmarks.


Chair: Nik Harris Members: Paul Rolli, Tim Hart, Paulette Armstead, Alfredo Olvera, John Murdock

The Mediation Committee shall investigate and resolve grievances and disputes arising between or among members, as set forth in these bylaws.  It shall be comprising of at least five members


Chair:  Alfredo Olvera

The Information Technology Committee shall make recommendations to the Board of Directors for the implementation of Technology solutions required by the organization


The Nominating and Election Committee Duties are defined in these bylaws.