The Dolphin Democrats remember the Pulse Nightclub Massacre

It has now been over one year ago today the world woke up to a nightmare.

We offer support to the survivors, acknowledging some feel guilty, at fault or coping with the effects of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. We know family and friends are still suffering pain and loss of innocence.

We extend gratitude to the first responders, law enforcement, emergency personnel, medical teams and all volunteers that gave aid and comfort. To the hospitals and local businesses that took the lead in rendering medical care, we say thank you.

Our hearts go out to those in eternal sleep. You are not forgotten.

One year later Florida’s LGBTAQ and Latinx communities stand united and stronger. There is new life and a new dawn. Cynicism and vulnerability are erased by hope, dreams, passion and emotion and a call for action is renewed.

We move forward stronger and united together.

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