Official Notice: January Membership Meeting – Bylaws Amendments

Official Notice: January Membership Meeting Bylaws Amendments

At our Wednesday, January 8, 2020 Membership meeting, the Bylaws Committee will be be presenting for membership vote the following proposed amendments to sections of the Bylaws:

1.Changed LGBTA to LGBTQ+ throughout the entire document. This is consistent with the state caucus.

2. Article VI, Sec. 5(c)(iii) - Reduced voting eligibility for officer and director elections from 45 to 40 days. This aligns the eligibility deadline better with the meeting schedule to increase eligible voters for the elections.

3. Article VIII, Sec. 2 - Added a requirement that all board of directors must receive Voter Registration Training within 6 months of assuming or being appointed to their position.

4. Article VIII, Sec. 6 Removed the word “board” from board member attendance at meetings and clarified that board members may only miss 4 meetings either board or general membership.

We encourage all of our members to review the updates before the meeting.  According to our current Bylaws, all amendments can only be approved by 2/3 of the members in attendance at the membership meetings, while meeting quorum.

For questions or concerns, please email Alfredo Olvera at [email protected]

See below links to print a copy of the "Bylaws Amendment Summary Sheet" and a copy of the Bylaws with the recommended changes red-lined.

Bylaw Amendments Summary Sheet - Jan 2020

Dolphin Democrats Bylaw Proposed Amendments - January 2020

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