Appointments to the Board of Directors

The President of The Dolphin Democrats and The Board of Directors have appointed 3 members to the Board of Directors to positions with terms expiring on February, 2020. We would like to congratulate and welcome to the Board our new 3 appointed directors Kerry-Ann Parson, Anthony Ginsberg, & Carson Graham.

The appointees will have to run for election at our next general membership meeting on Wednesday, January 9, 2019. Any qualified member who is interested in running for any of those Director positions is welcome to submit a brief bio to [email protected] - Floor nominations will also be accepted at the meeting.

We would also like to remind all members that in order to participate in the Annual Election Meeting for the Executive Board and 6 Directors of the Board available that they must renew their 2019 membership by 11:59pm December 31,2018.  Our Annual Membership Meeting will be held at The Pride Center on February 13, 2019.

You can join or renew by following this link 


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